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T5HO Fluorescent Fixture 4′ 8 Lamp


The SOL ‘I-BEAM’ T5HO Fixture delivers superior performance, reliability, and the highest light energy output of all T5 fixtures available. By combining our photometrically designed, high-efficiency aluminum reflector with premium Universal multi volt electronic ballast and energy-efficient/high-output Sylvania T5 lamps it outshines the competition.

Benefits of the I-BEAM T5HO Fluorescent Fixtures

  • The SOL ‘I-Beam’ High Output T5 Fluorescent Fixture is the Widest, Brightest and most Efficient T5 fixture available
  • The photometrically designed reflector directs more light energy down into the plant canopy with less energy loss.
  • It provides uniform light energy the length and width of the fixture, resulting in uniform growth, uniform canopy and higher yields. It’s ideal for the “SCROG”                  (Screen Of Green) grow technique.
  • The units low heat signature and efficient heat dissipation allow it to be placed closer to the plant canopy providing more usable light energy resulting in stronger root        growth, tighter internodal spacing and robust stalks. This plant proximity allows for ‘multi level’ Veg rooms, effectively doubling available plant canopy square footage.     
  • It is ideal for the early and vegetative stages producing more growth with less power consumed.
  • Fleets of SOL ‘I-Beam’ T5HO  fixtures are currently being utilized by many of Washington states largest commercial producers.
  • Made in Spokane, Washington, USA with the highest quality materials, components and craftsmanship.
  • ‘Universal’ brand solid state electronic ballast. Input voltage from 120v to 277v.
  • 2 year factory rebuild or replace warranty.
  • UL listed
  • Choice of lamps sold separately.
T5 44
T5HO Fluorescent Fixture 4′ 4 Lamp
T5 2'
T5HO Fluorescent Fixture 2′ 6 Lamp






BOXER  Button

4 Foot 4-Lamp Fluorescent Light Fixture  



Exclusive reflector design moves the lamps further apart (3.6”), directs more usable light downward (less light energy leakage), is much brighter and covers more area than any competitor’s fixture.


  • High output lamps have an extremely high lumen per watt rating
  • Reflector material rated at 95% reflective
  • Powder coated electro-galvanized steel ends
  • Major brand solid state electronic ballast and sockets
  • Comes standard with end mount V-hangers. Other hanging options available
  • 2 year rebuild or replace factory warranty
  • UL™ listed
  • Lamps not included – Sold separately